Home in Shanghai (finally)!

After a 2.5-hour delay at the Chicago airport yesterday, we finally got airborne for the 14-hour flight to Shanghai.   Arrived at Pu Dong airport at 4:00 p.m. local time (4:00 a.m. on my body clock).  There had been so many flights canceled the previous day due to typhoon Chan-Hom that we were given a remote gate park on the tarmac requiring a several-minute bus ride to the terminal for customs and baggage.

plane pic

Clearing customs was pretty fast, even though several planes had landed at about the same time and I was then met by my teaching assistant Celia.


After about an hour commute into the city from the airport, we arrived at Fudan University and my 11th floor apartment located in the International Faculty and Student Housing Complex on Wudong Road across from campus.

apt addressBelow are views of campus and Shanghai from my apartment windows.

view of campus from apt

window view of shanghai

Then it was off to campus to complete some classroom setup issues before a nice dinner.   Exhausted, I fell into bed and zonked out immediately.


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